im gonna., be the
hated.. by.. everybody

my name is vash but i dont
care much about names lol

hover over links for more information

genderfluid boy | 20 | aquarius | intp
mentally ill || bpd, cd, gad & q more.
oh yeah and im komaeda nagito too

i'm dating some dumbass and
qpps with stabby girl and fire.
all relationships are closed ok

anyone can follow as long as youre
comfortable. + i do not believe that
hesbians are valid. + i dont like nb
binary identities. + all coping is ok.

i support differing opinions but i
may get into drama, its tagged.

content you will see are as follows:

+ fandoms: dr, p5, heta, spn, etc
+ aesthetic: red, purple, skies, stars
+ misc: cats, memes + trauma (untagged)